The Class of 1996

25th Reunion Class Pistol Project

UPDATE: The ordering window is now closed.

On behalf of The Citadel Class of 1996, and in celebration of our 25th class reunion, it is an honor to present The Class of 1996 Commemorative 1911 Pistol in .45 ACP. The Class of 1996 Commemorative 1911 Pistol will be an outstanding, legacy gift for each member of the Class of 1996 deciding to participate. Due to the licensing agreements with the school, this is a one-time opportunity to get one of these pistols.

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Here are some highlights of The Class of 1996 commemorative pistol:

  • The 1911 pistol is produced by Kimber America. Consideration for coordination, design, quality and reputation, and ultimately cost led us to this vendor. Kimber America is an active participant in commemorative pistol projects for all service academies.

  • .45 ACP

  • Design

    • Right side of pistol slide contains Class of 1996 ring image and a customizable name/class/company section (i.e. John Doe ’96 Echo). Note: 25 characters max. including spaces and symbols.

    • Left side of the pistol slide contains The Citadel logo.

    • Right and Left Pistol Grips include The Citadel Seal

  • Cost

    • $835 (minimum 25 units)

    • Class Pistol will be ordered directly from Kimber America

    • Payment in full must be made at time of order

    • States that require charging sales tax (funds collected before shipment, not included in the initial charge):

      1. NY STATE SALES TAX 8.875%

      2. NJ SALES TAX 6.625%

      3. WA SALES TAX PAYABLE 9.0%

      4. AL SALES TAX 4%

      5. AZ SALES TAX PAYABLE 6.2%

  • Display Options

    • The Class has coordinated with Academy Commemoratives to produce a display case for each pistol. There are 2 options available – glass top or wood top. The wood top has The Citadel Seal. There is a customizable display plate where you can add your name, class, company and/or serial number.

    • A Citadel challenge coin is included. Note: This is not the custom challenge coin that is being created specifically for the 25th homecoming. However it’s possible that they will be swappable.


    • Cost: $340.96 wood top; $391.96 glass top

    • Cost includes 15% discount for one time single order as well as $25 shipping.

    • If ordering outside the Class Ordering Window (January 2021), order directly from them using the above link.

  • Serial Numbers

    • The serial numbers for the pistol will have a prefix of XCVI (roman numeral for 96). Numbers will begin at 001 and increase from there.

    • You cannot ask for a particular number

  • Shipping (Pistols)

    • $35.00 shipping fee (waived if shipping multiple pistols to same location)

    • Each class member must coordinate with a local FFL holder to receive the firearm. It is each class member’s responsibility to coordinate shipment to their location – Reunion Committee will assist as much as possible.

    • NOTE: Firearms can NOT be shipped to California or Massachusetts. Don’t shoot (no pun) the messenger!

  • Legal